Fleurie Sélection Georges Duboeuf

Fleurie Sélection Georges Duboeuf

To taste 15-17°C
Food & wine pairings
Beef rib or poultry with Fleurie sauce_x000D_.

Fleurie Sélection Georges Duboeuf

Grape variety


To the north of the wine region, Fleurie has a very special type of geography, with a series of hillocks backing on to a chain of ridges (Fût d’Avenas, Col de Durbize, Col des Labourons, Pic Reymont) that drop gently down the slopes from a height of up to 450 m to around 220 m. The appellation, whose name has nothing to do with flowers but refers to a Roman legionary, extends in a single block over 870 ha of the commune of Fleurie.

There are two distinct areas. In the sloping higher parts of the appellation at the foot of the ‘La Madone’ hill that overlooks the ‘cru’ and offers outstanding views over the vineyards, the soils are poor, acid and dry. They produce fine, highly aromatic wines. Above the village, the soils are deeper and contain clay: the wines are more structured and may be laid down for many years.

Fleurie has 13 different ‘climats’ listed by I.N.A.O (National Institute of Appellations d’Origine); each of these ‘terroirs’ produces a very distinctive type of wine. From north to south of the appellation: les Labourons, Poncié, les Moriers, la Roilette, les Garants, Montgenas, La Madone, La Joie du Palais, Grille-Midi, La Chapelle des Bois, La Cote, Le Bon Cru and Champagne.


The Fleurie has an intense crimson colour and reveals a range of fruity and floral aromas: iris, violets, roses, red berries and wild peaches. The Fleurie is elegant and fine, and generally described as “feminine”.
Creation date
11 Septembre 1936
290 m
Granitic arenites
850 m

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796 route de la gare – 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Free parking. Our friends the animals are not accepted within the park.

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Hameau Duboeuf: 10:00am to 6:00pm

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Closed on December 25

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A6 freeway

Direction Lyon, exit 29
Direction Mâcon, exit 30


Direct arrival on site

TER-Romanèche-Thorins train: directly in the Hameau
TGV-Mâcon-Loché : 18 km


Lyon Saint Exupéry : 35 mn
Genève Cointrin : 1h45


46° 10’36,52’’N – 4° 44’30,19’’E

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