Moulin-A-Vent Sélection Georges Duboeuf

Moulin-A-Vent Sélection Georges Duboeuf

To taste 15-16°C
Food & wine pairings
Coq with Moulin-à-Vent sauce, game, matured cheese.

Moulin-A-Vent Sélection Georges Duboeuf

Grape variety


Built in the 15th Century, the windmill that overlooks the appellation and gives it its name stopped milling grain in the mid-19th Century. But it has remained proudly on the hill at a height of 258 metres, on its dome of granite injected with manganese. It was restored in 1960, having been listed as a historic monument some thirty years beforehand, and its sails now turn again, thanks to its tail pole, an oblique wooden beam that faces the sails into the wind. It was re-fitted with sails in 1999, in celebration of the ‘cru’s 75th anniversary. The mill had lost its sails in the terrible storm of 1910 that ripped them off, and has now restored to its former glory and its initial raison d’être. It is now in a perfect state of preservation.

History again, but let’s move from wind to stone. In the 19th Century, Romanèche-Thorins had four manganese mines, among the biggest in France, from which the famous ‘glazier’s soap’ was extracted and used to whiten glass. The mines, in which the local population worked (the farmers who grew vines and lived from mixed farming were also miners) closed in 1919. But the manganese remained and gives the wines their particular Moulin-à-Vent cachet.


An intense colour that fluctuates between deep ruby and dark garnet. The Moulin-à-Vent reveals floral and fruity aromas dominated by violets and supported by a hint of cherry. Tannic, fleshy and subtly spicy, the Moulin-à-Vent develops complex flavours that combine finesse and harmony. It is characterised by a remarkable length.
Creation date
11 Septembre 1936
250 m
Pink and friable granitic arenites
670 m

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796 route de la gare – 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Parking gratuit. Nos amis les animaux ne sont pas acceptés au sein du parc.

Visite et restaurant ouverts du mercredi au dimanche.

Hameau Dubœuf : 10h00 à 17h00

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Autoroute A6

Direction Lyon, sortie 29
Direction Mâcon, sortie 30


Arrivée directe sur site

Train TER-Romanèche-Thorins : directement dans le Hameau
TGV-Mâcon-Loché : 18 km


Lyon Saint Exupéry : 35 mn
Genève Cointrin : 1h45


46° 10’36,52’’N – 4° 44’30,19’’E

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796 route de la gare – 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Free parking. Our friends the animals are not accepted within the park.

Visit and restaurant open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Closed on December 25

Hameau Duboeuf: 10:00am to 6:00pm

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Closed on December 25

How to get to the hamlet?

A6 freeway

Direction Lyon, exit 29
Direction Mâcon, exit 30


Direct arrival on site

TER-Romanèche-Thorins train: directly in the Hameau
TGV-Mâcon-Loché : 18 km


Lyon Saint Exupéry : 35 mn
Genève Cointrin : 1h45


46° 10’36,52’’N – 4° 44’30,19’’E

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