Maison Georges Dubœuf

A family business founded in 1964 by Georges Dubœuf

Maison Georges Dubœuf reveals the talent of the wine growers and sublimates the great terroirs of the Beaujolais and Maconnais regions. More than 300 winemakers trust us to create wines from all the crus, from all the A.O.C.s of the Beaujolais and Maconnais regions, and from the Beaujolais Nouveaux – whose great celebrations in France and abroad have built their reputation. Today, we produce 12 million bottles per year, 75% of which is exported.

View of the Moulin à Vent in Romanèche-Thorins

A land

Beaujolais, Mâconnais. Don’t you think there is a magical resonance in these words? Just like our family, which has been thriving for many years to make the wines of these regions a must for your life. Certainly great wines for sharing!


It is a story that began more than four centuries ago, when the Dubœuf family was producing wine in the Mâconnais. It is a story that inspired Georges Dubœuf at a very young age, when his uncle and brother passed on to him their wine-making know-how. Barely 18 years old, he quits his studies to take care of the family estate in Chaintré, one of the Villages of Pouilly-Fuissé.

...A passion...

Convinced of the quality of his Pouilly-Fuissé wines from the family estate, Georges got on his bicycle and went to meet great Michelin starred chefs such as Gaston Brazier, Paul Blanc, Paul Bocuse, Paul Lacombe, Jean and Pierre Troisgros or the Haeberlin brothers. His wines of character naturally find their place in these prestigious restaurants.

Ambitious and enterprising, he started a few years later, in the early fifties, two joint activities. First, the custom bottling which consists in bottling at the property the production of the wine growers, who were used to sell their wine in cask. To do this, Georges acquired a Citroën truck in which he adapted a small mobile bottling line. At the same time, he created a group of producers – L’Ecrin Mâconnais-Beaujolais – bringing together winemakers from all the appellations in the region.

All these years, meeting winegrowers and their terroirs, allowed Georges to become familiar with the greatest wines of the Beaujolais and Mâconnais regions, and naturally to envisage the next step in his life!

«An excellent wine is always a work of art. It is first and foremost the result of the terroir, then of the care given to the vines, the right choice of harvest date and of course the know-how and talent of the winemaker. »

Georges Dubœuf

The harvest of Georges Dubœuf wines

...A profession

Driven by an overflowing creative energy, and supported by his wife Rolande, Georges established his business in 1964 with Les Vins Georges Dubœuf. He revolutionized the practices of the time by applying new working methods: respect for the origin and the work of the winegrower, meticulous selection and blending, quality of bottling.

Georges Dubœuf remains faithful to his original quest: to offer quality wines combining the typicality of their terroir with an assertive personality. Traveling the world to promote his wines, he became the ambassador of Beaujolais and Mâconnais wines.

In 2003, Georges still sees things in a big way. He inaugurated a winemaking center with a capacity of 18,000 Hl, to supply our winery with grapes and not only with finished wine. The goal? To obtain a greater range of expression for the blends and thus affirm the now inimitable style of the Maison Dubœuf.

"By bottling, one can give spirit to the wine as one can remove all intelligence from it".

Louis Orizet


Recognizable by their original labels, Georges’ wines met with great success on the international scene. This was the beginning of a worldwide adventure that was confirmed in the 1980s with the arrival of Beaujolais in North America, Australia and Japan.

"Fifty years later and a loyal presence on these lands, we continue to select wines that are healthy, typical, balanced and aromatic."

Georges DUBŒUF

Passion for Heritage

Continuing the family tradition, Georges and his wife Rolande were joined in 1983 by their son Franck Dubœuf.

The company grew. In 1993, Georges opened the first museum dedicated to vines and wine: Le Hameau du Vin. Run today by Anne Duboeuf, Franck’s wife, this theme park takes visitors on a journey through 2000 years of vine-growing history, thanks to a family collection of rare objects and interactive animations.

In 2012, Adrien Duboeuf-Lacombe, grandson of Georges Duboeuf, joined the company. As head of sales and marketing strategy, he meets customers in the 120 countries to which the company exports its wines.

Today, while Les Vins Georges Dubœuf is managed by Franck and Adrien, Aurélien Dubœuf, Franck’s son, joins the family adventure and manages the vineyards we own.

De Gauche à Droite : Adrien Duboeuf-Lacombe, Aurélien Duboeuf et Franck Duboeuf.
Adrien Duboeuf-Lacombe, Aurélien Duboeuf et Franck Duboeuf.
The entrance to the Hameau Dubœuf

Bienvenue dans le monde de la vigne et du vin.

Designed for the whole family, the Hameau Dubœuf is a unique park, which reveals in a playful way all that the vine and the wine are to our heritage.

The Hameau Dubœuf is the first wine theme park in Europe. It is aimed at wine lovers, connoisseurs and children of all ages.

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796 route de la gare – 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Parking gratuit. Nos amis les animaux ne sont pas acceptés au sein du parc.

Visite et restaurant ouverts du mercredi au dimanche.

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Hameau Dubœuf : 10h00 à 17h00

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Autoroute A6

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Train TER-Romanèche-Thorins : directement dans le Hameau
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Lyon Saint Exupéry : 35 mn
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46° 10’36,52’’N – 4° 44’30,19’’E

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796 route de la gare – 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Free parking. Our friends the animals are not accepted within the park.

Visit and restaurant open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Closed on December 25

Hameau Duboeuf: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Jardin en Beaujolais: open from April 13 to September 8, 2024 at the following times:

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Store open every day from 8am to 7pm.

Closed on December 25

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A6 freeway

Direction Lyon, exit 29
Direction Mâcon, exit 30


Direct arrival on site

TER-Romanèche-Thorins train: directly in the Hameau
TGV-Mâcon-Loché : 18 km


Lyon Saint Exupéry : 35 mn
Genève Cointrin : 1h45


46° 10’36,52’’N – 4° 44’30,19’’E

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