The Park

An incredible journey into the world of vines and wine.

The Hameau Dubœuf is the first theme park on the vine and wine in Europe, unique in its kind. It reveals in a playful, educational and immersive way all that the vine and the wine are to our heritage.

This theme park is for amateurs, connoisseurs, tribes as well as families.

Over 30,000 m2 and 40 themes, throughout the day, visitors will wander from exhibition rooms, with 3,000 collection objects from the regional wine heritage, to interactive shows, with an extraordinary flight over the Beaujolais and Mâconnais landscapes, then an immersive experience in the cellar of a winegrower who will tell them about the history of the vineyard, thanks to a time machine. The little train will transport the visitors for a last technical meeting in a real vinification center, followed by an olfactory walk and a ride in a rosalie through our aromatic gardens.

An extraordinary experience that will seduce the curious and delight the most knowledgeable.

After having shared with our visitors the secrets and the backstage of the universe of the vine and the wine, the history of its women and its men who made the vineyard and who continue to write it, the invitation to the tasting will be borrowed from all these marvelous experiences.

European Largest
wine tourism

Park of
30 000 m2


2 000 years
of history

The Hameau du Vin

The visit includes, about fifteen rooms of thematic around the wine. A journey through 2000 years of vineyard professions.

It begins in the Salle des Pas-Perdus, a reconstruction of a 1900s-style station hall, the starting point for the visit of the Hameau, which presents the history and traditions of the Beaujolais and Mâconnais. The wine transportation room retraces 3500 years of civilization, from Antiquity to the 20th century. The museology room exhibits more than 3000 ancient objects, winegrowers’ tools and works of art. The cellars dating from 1855 are still in use. They are used for the maturing of a part of the wines of the Maison Dubœuf. The geology and grape varieties room presents the different grape varieties and terroirs of the Beaujolais and the Mâconnais.

“My Beaujolais”, which was nominated for the “Parc World Experience Awards 2019”, is a unique experience with cutting-edge technology that allows you to learn about the incredible history of Beaujolais. The optical theater and the story of Noah, the first winemaker. The vinorama presents the different regions of production of Beaujolais and Mâconnais wines and their specificities, a 3D film on the end of the harvest festival and the dynamic cinema that will allow you to fly over our beautiful region.

A showroom that presents advertising posters from 1890 to 1930, promoting wines and spirits. Discover a reconstruction of a Lyonnais bistro, with personalities from our regions.

The artisanal part on the themes of cooperage, modern and artisanal wine making, glass, bottle and cork.

These themes are approached through the setting up of four spaces arranged according to the chronology of the packaging process: the barrel, the glass, the cork, and the cap.

Explanations on the different manufacturing phases, the raw material, the evolution and the use of each of these materials are presented in the form of audio-visuals or typical scenes.

A tasting of Beaujolais and Mâconnais wines from the Maison Duboeuf will be offered at the end of the tour.

of 10 000 m2

16 rooms

5 animations
and shows

The Gare

Novelty of 2023 : L'Impérial

Embark on a magical journey in the authentic village station built in 1854 and discover a world dedicated to the life of the railroads.

The train has played an important role in the marketing of wine. The small station of Romanèche-Thorins, located in front of the oenopark, allowed the Beaujolais wines to be exported to Paris.

A rare piece, a magnificent imperial wagon offered to Napoleon III by the Compagnie du Nord is presented to the public.

The train station is currently closed for renovation. The new attractions will open at the end of 2022.

The Wine Making Center

Behind the scenes of Georges Dubœuf wines vinification

The Georges Dubœuf wine-making center has been open to the public since July 2003.

It puts the visitors in the center of the wine production. A gallery of portraits of winegrowers from the Beaujolais and Mâconnais regions welcomes visitors. Georges Dubœuf wanted to place men, women and know-how at the heart of the visit. The techniques of wine making are explained in this space which combines advanced technology and respect for tradition, in the calm of the cellars or among the 150 stainless steel vats and the 6 oak vats.

Steel Tank

Les Jardins

In the heart of the vineyards, the Jardin en Beaujolais allows visitors to discover the scents of flowers, bark, fruit and spices that make up the richness of wine aromas. It is organized in 6 thematic clos: the wooded clos, the clos The clos des fruits à coques, the clos des épices and the clos fruité. A dream place for plant lovers and family walks, open to the public in the afternoons during the summer season.


Escape aboard our "rosalies", pedal cars that can accommodate up to 4 people, and discover the ride through the vineyards and gardens.

For our little visitors from 4 to 7 years old, "sulkys", pedal horses, are also available for a gentle ride.

A giant chessboard completes these outdoor activities

Coming from Sweden, Adventure Golf is a miniature golf course in a new style: landscaped, dynamic and integrated into the natural environment. The Adventure Golf is a 10-hole mini-golf course featuring the ten Beaujolais wines. On a sporty or playful mode, it can be played at all ages and from 4 years old.

A "picnic area" is available to our visitors in the gardens and accessible on weekends in the summer season.

6 Clos

5 000 m2
of vines
& gardens

The ExplorGames

Two scripted adventure games, on tablet, where you are the hero!

Two ExplorGames® have been created in order to explore the oenopark while having fun through riddles to solve: an indoor game on the site of the Wine Hamlet and an outdoor game on the site of the Beaujolais Garden


The enigma of Hameau Dubœuf

Accessible all year round during the opening days and hours of the Hameau du Vin

Approximate duration : 1h00 to 1h30

With family, friends, equipped with a tablet, go in search of the obscure character who threatens the Hamlet. For some time now, the Hameau Duboeuf has been experiencing mysterious events that are jeopardizing this extraordinary park: objects disappear, vines wither… During the course, look for clues, take up challenges and thwart the traps set on your way. You only have a short time to save the Hamlet!


The Metal Legion

Accessible during the summer season during the opening days and hours of the Jardin en Beaujolais

Approximate duration : 1h30 to 2h00

We are in 1899. In the cities and the countryside, the industrial revolution has profoundly transformed daily life. In this new society full of promise for a better future, an old inventor discovered the secret of perpetual motion. This technology was capable of operating machines beyond imagination! Such power attracted covetousness. The day before the opening of the Universal Exhibition, while preparing to present his invention to the world, the inventor was kidnapped. Made aware of the affair, Sherlock Holmes immediately decides to investigate. You are the students of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, go on an adventure, in the footsteps of the mysterious criminals who threaten to use the invention for their dark plans. Take up the challenges and thwart the traps set by diabolical spirits. There is still hope of thwarting this terrible threat.

Reading list

2 Videos

Tablet on reservation for the ExplorGames

Supplement of €5 per person on top of the price of the entrance ticket

The terrace of Hameau Dubœuf

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Accès & Contact

796 route de la gare – 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Parking gratuit. Nos amis les animaux ne sont pas acceptés au sein du parc.

Visite et restaurant ouverts du mercredi au dimanche.

Fermé le lundi et le mardi

Hameau Dubœuf : 10h00 à 17h00

Jardin en Beaujolais : ouvert du 13 avril au 08 septembre 2024 aux horaires suivants :

  • Mercredi, jeudi et vendredi : 14h15 à 18h00
  • Samedi et dimanche : 12h15 à 18h00
  • Juillet et août mercredi au dimanche : 12h15 à 18h
Boutique ouverte tous les jours.

De 8h00 à 19h00

Comment se rendre au hameau ?

Autoroute A6

Direction Lyon, sortie 29
Direction Mâcon, sortie 30


Arrivée directe sur site

Train TER-Romanèche-Thorins : directement dans le Hameau
TGV-Mâcon-Loché : 18 km


Lyon Saint Exupéry : 35 mn
Genève Cointrin : 1h45


46° 10’36,52’’N – 4° 44’30,19’’E

Access & Contact

796 route de la gare – 71570 Romanèche-Thorins

Free parking. Our friends the animals are not accepted within the park.

Visit and restaurant open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Closed on December 25

Hameau Duboeuf: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Jardin en Beaujolais: open from April 13 to September 8, 2024 at the following times:

  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 2.15 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 12.15 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Store open every day from 8am to 7pm.

Closed on December 25

How to get to the hamlet?

A6 freeway

Direction Lyon, exit 29
Direction Mâcon, exit 30


Direct arrival on site

TER-Romanèche-Thorins train: directly in the Hameau
TGV-Mâcon-Loché : 18 km


Lyon Saint Exupéry : 35 mn
Genève Cointrin : 1h45


46° 10’36,52’’N – 4° 44’30,19’’E