About us

With heart, determination, and boldness,
we share our passion.

The land

Beaujolais. Doesn’t the word alone have a magical sound to it? Beaujolais is a wine to be celebrated. Built in our family’s image, we have worked throughout the years to make Beaujolais an essential addition to every table. This wine is as popular as it is festive, friendly and joyful.

Our roots

The story begins over 4 centuries ago, when the Duboeuf family was producing wine in the Mâconnais region. Georges was very young when his uncle and brother passed down both their passion for wine and their secrets of production. At just 18 years old, he preferred to take care of the family business with his brother rather than pursuing his studies.

A passion

Young and full of energy, Georges set off with the family-grown wines strapped to his bicycle, meeting top restaurateurs like Gaston Brazier, Paul Blanc, Paul Bocuse, Jean and Pierre Troisgros, and even the Haeberlin brothers. The distinguished Beaujolais wines found their place naturally among these prestigious establishments. In response to this burgeoning success, Georges did not hesitate to start bottling wine and develop relations with other regional winemakers. This allowed him to offer wines that reflected the great diversity of the surrounding vineyards.
Georges created a group of producers, “L’Ecrin Mâconnais-Beaujolais”, that represented 40+ winemakers from all appellations of the region. This was the start of a great adventure that has given a new face to the trade business, and brought the business closer to the winemakers themselves.

« Through the bottling process, we are able to bring spirit to the wine, just as we could take away its essence. »

A calling

Georges, well known for his dynamism, created Les Vins Georges Duboeuf in September of 1964. This historical date also marks the start of his wine merchant business. George revolutionized the practices of the time by applying his ancestors’ traditional methods: respect for the terroir and work of the winemaker, rigorous selection and monitoring of wines at the time of bottling, and above all, the continuous search for high quality, with clean bottling processes. It’s a challenge he meets with pleasure year after year.
Traveling the world to get to know the wines of each selected winemaker, Georges has become, in a sense, the ambassador of the region. He has built a hive whose honey now delights fans around the world. He has remained loyal to his quest of offering quality wines, combining the flavor profiles of their terroir with bold characters. While defending the expertise of the wine producers with whom he maintains close relations, he conducts his business by negotiating with heart, passion, and the constant desire to share the very best of Beaujolais.

« Today we work hand in hand with 300 winemakers, each of whom we know personally. »

A conquest

Recognized by their distinctive labels, Georges’s wines have seen great international success. The ‘80s marked the start of this adventure with the arrival of Beaujolais in North America, Australia, and Japan.

« Fifty years later and still loyal to this land, we continue to select healthy, balanced, aromatic wines rich in character. »

A family, a passion

In continuing the family tradition, Georges and his wife Rolande are joined by their son Franck. In 1993, Georges opened the first park dedicated to vines and wines: Le Hameau du Vin. Today, the park is maintained by Franck’s wife, Anne. She works every day to satisfy a clientele of families around their passion for the terroir. This unique theme park takes visitors through 2,000 years of vine cultivation history, with a collection of rare family objects and interactive activities.
Wine enthusiasts from all over Europe can also explore the Romanèche-Thorins train station, which saw a great deal of regional trade activity over the years. In good weather, a walk in the Garden of Beaujolais is a chance to discover a variety of aromas: from flowers to fruits and spices which make up the wines’ rich flavors. Lastly is the vinification center, opened in 2003, reveals the secrets of winemaking and traditional winemaking techniques.

While Georges and Franck are still managing the Vins Georges Duboeuf business today, it is up to the following generation (represented by Georges’s grandson, Adrien) to join the family adventure.